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We've been watching the feral litter out back -- and today we discovered ANOTHER kitten, which brings the total to 7.  This little girl's the runt of the litter, smaller than the rest, and she let me & Brett pick her up and cuddle her.  Once the nose-rubs started, she was purring.  We've named her "Sheba" for the moment.  So SMALL.  Being the runt, she'd be better off being adopted...but we can NOT take her in, since we've got four already, and this is a small, small apartment (less than 600 sq ft).  The landlord's already suspicious of us.


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Sleepy Kitty, Happy Kitty...

Faramir sleeping & purring.  yeah.  He looks amazingly like Puck, though his muzzle & paws are whiter.

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Despite the health issues, I'm still struggling thru writing my Hardy Boys fanfic.   I've gotten three full tales written, the first "Voodoo Doll" (based on the episode of the same name from the '70s show), "House on Possessed Hill" (a prequel, also based on another episode), and "In Excelsis Deo" (a full original 'Christmas' tale & prequel to the other two).   In between all these, I've been getting the sequel to Voodoo Doll done, "The San Francisco Vampire".  Soo......here's a teaser:


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The books came in!

FINALLY got my copies!! (and how is it that folks who ordered their copies via Amazon AFTER me got the book long before I did??)

And these things are BIG.  Man.  I wasn't expecting something like this -- it's about as big as Dark Tower, or the first Game of Thrones or Wheel of Time....



First thing Mom said to me during my phone call to her today, to wish her a happy birthday: "You're sending me a copy of that book, RIGHT?!?"

the UASSUHO Journey...

I'm having wayyyy too much fun getting back into tooning about Journey...especially when better punchlines occur to me as I'm re-doing a hand-drawn strip with Illustrator:


Fur Kids!

Have I mentioned I'm owned by four cats?

Oreo & Faramir are the self-appointed PFAs (Personal Feline Assistants), though Luna's becoming that way, too.  Oreo's our former feral, one of the litter born out back last summer (and the sisters that are still feral out there have had their own litter. *sigh*)  Faramir will curl up on the bed with me at night, and all three will start pestering me for hugs and cuddles whenever I'm writing -- and Oreo & Faramir will also come up on the bed when I'm curled up with a heating pad with yet another pain/nausea attack.

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The Severed Earth!

$15.99 Trade Paperback on Amazon; the $9.99 Kindle version should be up shortly -- the files are still under review by KDP. Still working on the blankety-blank iBooks format -- man, I thought making personal copies for my iBook reader was a pain...I'm WAITING for the day when ebooks all use ONE format instead of thirty-bejillions


The Severed Earth should be out late tomorrow or early Saturday (barring any further issues from CreateSpace/Amazon)!


$15.99, 450 pages, trade paperback or eBook.  It won't be on iBooks yet; I'm still figuring out their format requirements -- BUT Kindle does have an app for iPad, and I've bought eBooks from Amazon before & have used that app to read them, so I'm not too worried about it.

Severed is also available for bookstores & libraries to order, as well.  I get two free copies of my own, thanks to NaNoWriMo this past year (and the second one goes to Barb Stearns, because she just damn well deserves it); I'll be ordering other copies for my local bookstores & library here.

Unfortunately health issues limit my travel, so traveling much beyond Columbus will be out.  But I fully intend to hit up as many local outlets as I can for this.  I realize I'll likely lose money on the first book...but the goal is to get my story out there & get people reading it.

If anyone wants to help, asking for your local libraries or independent bookstores to order Severed would be much appreciated!


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